Friday, 18 Apr 2014
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Me and my rabbit  Bahu and Fırat  Front Restaurant and Children's Park  Downstairs Nergis-Upstairs Zambak-Top Floor Right Side Leylak  Pine trees and olives  Garden  From Garden  Beyaz ve Kırmızı Gül Rooms Skins  Children's House and the Stork  Children House and Kanara Hill  Children in the pool  Seaside  Doruk  Plums  Fındık  Oğuzhan riding Fırat  Oğuzhan riding Fırat  Access road  Roses  Roses and Garden  Flowers and Garden  İğde(Angustifolia) Room  Fırat  Kanara Top View  Kanara  Kanara Landscape  Playpen  Entrance gate  Garden  Hotel Entrance  Garden  Kanara Entrance   Kanara Rooms  Rooms  White Rose and Kanara  Red Rose and Kanara  Red Rose and Garden  Rose puppies mouth  Roses and Garden  Flowers  Red Rose and Garden  Yellow roses and pergola  Children's Park  Red Roses  Garden  Garden  Pink Roses  Yellow roses and pergola  Garden  Red Roses  Garden  Front Reception  Garden  Kanara Garden  Rooms  Garden  Rooms  Peacock  Birds  Pembe Gül(Pink Rose Room)  Pergola and roses  Kanara and the Rainbow  Köşk(Pavilion Room)'s  Downstairs Living Room  Köşk(Pavilion Room)'s  Downstairs Bed Room   Köşk(Pavilion Room)'s Upstairs Living Room  Köşk(Pavilion Room)'s Upstairs Bed Room  King Suite Downstairs Bed Room  King Suite Bathroom  King Suite Living Room  King Suite Upstairs Bed Room  Beach  Leylak (Lilac Room) Skins  Stork  Fırat pony  Nergis (Daffodil Standard Room) Interior View  Children's Home and Children's Playground  Goats  Hotel entrance  Oğuzhan ve Fındık(dog)  Pembe Gül (Pink Rose Room) Interior Views  Front Reception  Restaurant view  Bar Restaurant Interior  Restaurant Interior  Beach  Beach and Sea  Lale (Tulip) Standard Room Interior View  Rabbits  Long haired cock  Peacocks 


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Our Strawberies be started

Branches starting in April until November Kanara'da yiyebilirsiniz.Sırasıyla strawberry fruit and vegetables, berries, plum, peach, apricot, nectarine, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, figs, grapes, apples, quince, angustifolia, trust, pomegranates, blackberries, kiwi , tangerine, persimmon, which is currently scattered all over our garden and fruit trees in the garden this year created a new fruit. Branch, especially our children to live and enjoy your fruit and organic fruit yiyebilmelerinin...

We opened the season ...

Assos of the dark green, great to add to your life waiting for you now baharını Assos Assos As you know, olive groves covered with colorful tulips in four seasons of natural green and the oxygen ratio in the world 2 Natural vegetation cover in place at any time in human values ​​and virtues of the sacred olive trees, whispers, spreading happiness to people, especially people in Assos spring renewing, refreshing effect of the dark green of the grass in spring you see a green only to watch it,...

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