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   Outdoor Restaurant  Breakfast Buffet  Enjoy winter fireplace

  • - Ayhan Kılınç your landlord's 23 year run restaurant in the city of Hannover in Germany in the light of the experience and the principles of hygiene in our food, we get the rules.
  • - Organic olive oil we produce in our garden, two acres of vegetables in our garden produce and farmers producing organic vegetables and herbs, fresh and quality ingredients are used.
  • - In the high season and holidays, and olive oil for breakfast and dinner buffets are presented in the soup. In a hot meal at dinner meatballs, chicken and fish options you can choose. Hot meals are served to your table.
  • - Except in high season and holidays rich breakfast and dinner set menu is available as a.
  • - For lunch, every day, table d'hote dinner style comes in three flavors. For example: rice with vegetables from our garden purslane, rice, yoghurt or rice zucchini from our garden again, dinner, salad, pasta with meat or beans, bulgur pilaf, as cacık.
  • -In addition, every day out for children is a table d'hote. For example, our garden vegetable soup, grilled meat or chicken, rice or pasta, like pudding.
  • - In 2010, we are opening a coffee break. Buttermilk pancakes of all kinds here and you can get.
  • - Moreover, any time of day can benefit from our a la carte restaurant.



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Our Strawberies be started

Branches starting in April until November Kanara'da yiyebilirsiniz.Sırasıyla strawberry fruit and vegetables, berries, plum, peach, apricot, nectarine, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, figs, grapes, apples, quince, angustifolia, trust, pomegranates, blackberries, kiwi , tangerine, persimmon, which is currently scattered all over our garden and fruit trees in the garden this year created a new fruit. Branch, especially our children to live and enjoy your fruit and organic fruit yiyebilmelerinin...

We opened the season ...

Assos of the dark green, great to add to your life waiting for you now baharını Assos Assos As you know, olive groves covered with colorful tulips in four seasons of natural green and the oxygen ratio in the world 2 Natural vegetation cover in place at any time in human values ​​and virtues of the sacred olive trees, whispers, spreading happiness to people, especially people in Assos spring renewing, refreshing effect of the dark green of the grass in spring you see a green only to watch it,...

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