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As soon as the most beautiful places, shared with family and friends like ...

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Must discern the difference to quality living. Difference, Kanara Hotel Notice....



Dear friends ... This is starting the day with you, concise and powerful words to share We want to words to us is the fact that we know, but life's rapid stream that we forget love, beauty, accuracy, be happy, beautiful everything to remind diliyoruz.assos' ta teach philosophy that Aristotle we are commemorating.

Supplementary sources:
Find Your Own North Star by AUTHORS Tulgu in-nüvi is
Sword of Wisdom Stories-Cevdet
Family Wisdom-Robin Sharma

Spread Info, illuminating reflect the feelings of life

facilitating, Mevlana said "as a mirror of the soul

shine "

to the authors, would like to thank all the artists.



"I've been busy enough to sevmemiştim.sürekl, life as a sailboat race from me as quiet and fast pass

way, I was busy preparing to life. "

Lorene Cary

"If I had the chance to live the beginning of the journey is more than I dinlenirdim.b very childish davranırdım.dah

Remove the mountain, more goes into the river and sunset izlerdim.dah lot more genuine and less imaginary problem

A SUM OF MORE DAISY was olurdu.v.

Nadine Stair, 89 years old


If you just started out again to experience every moment of life would have been from people who make a real and efficient.

Are you aware I do not know, this is life anyway.

Moments, just anlar.siz the "moment" experience.

If I just started again, explore the trails is unknown, there is to enjoy the sun,

I used to play with the children, if there was another chance ...

Jorge Luis Borges, 85 years old

Dear friends, on the shores of life who feel the same aspirations: More natural and peaceful life, more love, more sincerity ...


SEVEN of information and advice:

In real sense the birth of science, the hz.is A 'before the science of the golden age is considered the seventh and sixth centuries rastlar.es the people at that time the most intelligent of seven people have chosen and their "seven wise men (seven judges) had said.

Seven wise:

Thales of Miletus (Western Anatolia)

Prienel Bias (Western Anatolia)

Pittakos of Lesbos (Lesbos)

Lindosl the Kleobulos (Rhodes)

Solon of Athens (Greece)

Khilo Spartans (Greece)

Korintosl the Periandros



Once upon a time some wise come together they set out to write the world's shortest constitution. Ruling the laws of human action and behavior that may indicate to the people, the wisest person in the world to be elected.

"God will punish the guilty." He offered one of the wisest.

One shit, short and concise.

But it's not a law is a threat to others objected, saying ettiler.birinc wise this proposal was not accepted. "God is love," said the second wise. But that bid was not accepted because people literally açıklamıyordu.sonr tasks enunciating a sage found in the following quote:

"What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others." And was added:

"This is the Law and the rest remained only to review."

Other wise it wise to also accept this offer ettiler.v

When the wise men were selected.



Our Strawberies be started

Branches starting in April until November Kanara'da yiyebilirsiniz.Sırasıyla strawberry fruit and vegetables, berries, plum, peach, apricot, nectarine, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, figs, grapes, apples, quince, angustifolia, trust, pomegranates, blackberries, kiwi , tangerine, persimmon, which is currently scattered all over our garden and fruit trees in the garden this year created a new fruit. Branch, especially our children to live and enjoy your fruit and organic fruit yiyebilmelerinin...

We opened the season ...

Assos of the dark green, great to add to your life waiting for you now baharını Assos Assos As you know, olive groves covered with colorful tulips in four seasons of natural green and the oxygen ratio in the world 2 Natural vegetation cover in place at any time in human values ​​and virtues of the sacred olive trees, whispers, spreading happiness to people, especially people in Assos spring renewing, refreshing effect of the dark green of the grass in spring you see a green only to watch it,...
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