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Our hotel in Çanakkale Province, Ayvacık District, Sazlı Village and within the nest. Regions, the ratio of oxygen in the air after the Alpine world in terms of height 2 ranks.

In the history of this region, the cultural and natural beauty intertwined. In every corner of the area you will hold different feelings.

We have identified the area for you with a short title and provides detailed information about each section of the site was linked.

Ayvacık/Behramkale Village = 9 km.

The ancient city of Assos:
From the ancient region TROAS'ın (Biga Peninsula today, Çanakkale Province) is within the scope. Aegean Sea and the ancient city's boundaries Günayinde Lesbos (Lesvos Island), north of the City of Troy, west Lekton (Babakale Village) To the east, Pergamon (Bergama District) is surrounded by.
Intelligence in the ancient city of Assos, built for the goddess Athena, Temple of Athena, the Acropolis-Necropolis Theatre is located. Dating from the Ottoman period (XIV.YY) Hüdavendigar Mosque, Tuzla Behramkale bridge over the river from the present date is one of the works.
Philosophy of Aristotle's first school was established in July every year since 2000 Assos and February meetings are held philosophy.

Ayvacık/Gülpınar resort=*50 km.
Apollon Smitheion tapınağı,Babakale Village(Lekton)

Ayvacık Babakale Village(Lekton) = *55 km.

Ayvacık/Küçükkuyu resort=15*km.
Zeytinyağı Müzesi(Oliveoil Museum).
Ayvacık/Adatepe Village=*20 km.
At first beauty contest in history is made of Zeus (the altar).
Trojan Paris, the world's most beautiful women offering love goddess Aphrodite, Helen of the most beautiful woman declares.
Ayvacık/K.Çetmi Village=*25 km
Aphrodite Spa


Kaz(İDA) Mountains =*35 km.
Homerosun mother of monsters in the epic Iliad, with abundant springs known as Ida, also called the Mountain of God's unique flora, waterfalls, and fascinating legends, the oxygen-rich Mount Ida ...

Edremit/Tahtakuşlar Village=*50 km.
Tahtakuşlar Etnoğrafya Müzesi(Tahtakuşlar Ethnographic Museum)


The ancient city of Troy=*60 km.
For the love of Paris and the beautiful Helen of Troy 10 years of bloody war can be traced to…

Battle of Gallipoli your life, to feel your warm; 
Kilitbahir Castle-Mecidiye bastion-Sayyid Corporal Memorial- Monument of Martyrs-Sergeant Yahya Memorial-Anzac Cove-57.Alay Memorial-Conkbayırı= *90 km.



Our Strawberies be started

Branches starting in April until November Kanara'da yiyebilirsiniz.Sırasıyla strawberry fruit and vegetables, berries, plum, peach, apricot, nectarine, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, figs, grapes, apples, quince, angustifolia, trust, pomegranates, blackberries, kiwi , tangerine, persimmon, which is currently scattered all over our garden and fruit trees in the garden this year created a new fruit. Branch, especially our children to live and enjoy your fruit and organic fruit yiyebilmelerinin...

We opened the season ...

Assos of the dark green, great to add to your life waiting for you now baharını Assos Assos As you know, olive groves covered with colorful tulips in four seasons of natural green and the oxygen ratio in the world 2 Natural vegetation cover in place at any time in human values ​​and virtues of the sacred olive trees, whispers, spreading happiness to people, especially people in Assos spring renewing, refreshing effect of the dark green of the grass in spring you see a green only to watch it,...
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